Frequently Asked Questions

Harness the power of nature, with 9 medicinal plant extracts. An effective, clinically-proven solution.

    Iberogast is available in two convenient sizes:

    20 ml

    50 ml

    100 ml

    Iberogast has an herbal taste. It can taste slightly bitter to some people. This taste comes from the nine natural medicinal plant extracts that are used to make Iberogast. These are Bitter candytuft, Angelica, Chamomile, Caraway, St Mary's thistle, Lemon balm, Peppermint, Greater celandine and Liquorice.

    You'll probably be able to recognize a number of these ingredients by their own distinct tastes - Chamomile, for example. Different people are likely to notice and prefer different flavors. If you prefer, you can take Iberogast in a beverage, such as juice, instead of water.

    Iberogast can be taken for as long as you need*. The duration you take Iberogast for depends on your functional digestive symptoms and how long they last for. If you're not sure if you should take Iberogast for a prolonged period of time, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

    *See dosing instructions on package for more details.

    If your symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.

    You can if you wish. Many people dilute Iberogast in warm or cold water, or juice. You can also dilute it in herbal or fruit teas.

    Alcohol is a necessary ingredient in some liquid herbal medicines, including Iberogast, because it helps extract and dissolve the herbal components. The alcohol content of 31 vol.-% in Iberogast® may seem high at first sight, however, the actually consumed amount of alcohol is very small. One single dose for adults (20 drops of Iberogast®) contains only 0.24 g of alcohol which is less alcohol than one glass of apple juice of 200 ml contains. Nonetheless, people with a history of alcoholism should refrain from taking Iberogast®.

    Iberogast is manufactured to the highest pharmaceutical standards, according to the internationally set Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards for medicines.

    In producing Iberogast, Bayer follows a specified cultivation and processing of plant material (Good Agricultural Practice). When producing pharmaceutical products using herbal ingredients, it is important that refined medicinal extraction methods are used, together with validated harvesting procedures in order to maintain efficacy. Iberogast is produced using a high degree of standardization, allowing it to be a modern multi-target therapy.

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